sâmbătă, august 28, 2010


Domnul Baker mi-a trimis următorul email:

It is my pleasure to contact you for a mutual business relationship. My name is Mr. William Baker I work with the Standard Chartered Bank Plc. London at the Foreign Operation Department
As the Foreign Operation Department staff, my position is very low but I have access to lots of secret file belonging to our foreign customers because I handle the bank's most sensitive files. On my course of duty recently I discovered $10.5million dollars lying waste in a dormant account without any next of kin’s name.
This simple means that our bank has lost record of its ownership and next of kin. Having studied the payment file and my findings, it is a known fact that our bank has no contact details of the next on kin. In view of this, I wish to solicit for your partnership and cooperation in this proposal for our interest and mutual benefit, I will give you the details of the dormant account and my bank contact information and the name of the Foreign Operation Director to enable you contact him officially and tell him that you are the next of kin and owner of the US$10.5million.
My bank will believe you totally because your proof is your ability to know the account details and the amount contained therein in the dormant account and my bank Foreign Operation Director will proceed immediately to process and transfer the fund to you without delay. This transaction is 100% risk free so If you are interest in this transaction please kindly contact me for more details to enable us proceed for the eventual processing and transfer of the fund into your bank account.
Mr. William Baker

Cu alte cuvinte, onorabilul domn Baker are plăcerea să-mi afle numărul de cont, să-mi ia din el cei vreo 80 de euro pe care-i conţine şi să-mi dea la schimb 10 milioane. De euro, buei!!!
Păi să nu-l bag în pizda măsii de noroc ce m-a pleznit?